Re: Body Image

Last night I posted a photo on a girls Facebook group with over 120,000 members screaming loudly about body positivity and the concept of ‘my body, my choice’.

As someone who adores lingerie and makeup I face the daily struggle of judgement from other women for my choices. I swear too much makeup, not enough, I’m too thin, too fat, my clothes are suggestive, my clothes are too modest, I sleep with two many boys and Im a whore but I’m a prude for not naming names.

It slightly horrifies me that women are so judgemental of other women. We face so much crap from men about our bodies, how are boobs are saggy and we carry to much weight, or how we aren’t “real” enough. Yet I constantly see women judging celebrities and each other for their body decisions.

We fight men for their rules on us yet we happily allow other women to knock us down for our choices. Mothers are the biggest victims of this. If you breastfeed your wrong, if you go to work your wrong but if you don’t than you’re not contributing to the household.

Regardless of age, women (and girls) face constant new standards of femininity that they must meet or fear being left behind in the trends of space buns, contouring and lip injections.

It horrifies me that women are forced to meet expectations that put them last by making them change who they are. Whilst I love makeup it frustrates me that techniques such as contouring and over lining the lips change who we are. As expression there is nothing wrong with them – but as trends they are damaging to the female psyche. They encourage us to change the fundamental structure of our face, the image of who we are since birth.

Women are expected to wear expensive lingerie for the pleasure of males but God forbid they wear it if they are mothers or underage. God forbid they wear it in public or advertise their lacy bras. If they do they are whores but if they don’t curve to the expectation to be sexy in lacy red thongs then they are prudes. But if we love our bodies in lingerie and share an image of such we are whores again, self obsessed and shallow and deserving unwarranted, unwanted, unneeded attention from creeps and perverts.

Yet, we judge the Muslim woman in her burka for covering up too much, for bowing to a male dominated religion which brutally enforces modesty. There is no in between.

I think for this reason the beauty and fashion industries both need to be changed. No longer should sex and the body be used to sell for it is not an item that is purchasable. It is priceless. No longer should these industries encourage trends that demand the radical change of the human body.The female body is a wonderful thing and each woman should be able to express her body as it is without needing or feeling the want to change it.

We can say “I prefer myself with bigger lips” but if lip injections weren’t the trend and small, thin, tight lips were would we say the same? Perhaps, perhaps not.

At the end of the day women should be proud of their bodies. They should not have to face judgement whether they wear lingerie or modesty garments. So, once again, please repeat after me:







7 thoughts on “Re: Body Image

  1. I completely agree. It frustrates me that even some women who say that they are feminists still shame other women for making choices they don’t agree with, such as posting a revealing picture on Instagram or having multiple marriages. I think we’ve come a long way but there’s still so much more work to do!

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      1. Your welcome πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I know, its so bad. We all should be allowed to make the choices we make without being judged in a negative way. Its best if people have nothing nice to say, to then say nothing at all, and move on πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ ❀ ❀


  2. Yas girl!!!! Love this! Women have so much power if we all support each other – so why the hell wouldn’t you? I am definitely appreciative of all women who make choices that suits them. As long as no one is hurting others, do whatever the hell you want I say! xx


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